Yake, John C.

Rev. Dr. John Yake holds a D.Min. awarded by St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto and an M.Div. from the Unversity of Toronto. While teaching and serving as chaplain at Villanova College, he is an Assistant Professor at St. Augustine’s Seminary’s Institute of Theology in the MRE program. He wrote Star Wars and the Message of Jesus to engage adolescents in faith issues through their popular story.

The Church's Ministray to Adolescents: Developing Faith, Dedication, and Life Purpose in Teenagers
2022 1-4955-1005-0
From the author's preface: "The experimentation that has characterized youth ministry since multitudes of teens have quit the Church in the last few decades has failed. Parish or high school-based youth group efforts that have continuously sprung up only to fold up soon thereafter have not been able to address the religious needs of teenagers in satisfactory or comprehensive ways. ...This book delineating Youth Ministry Theory (YMT) attempts to supply what has been missing from youth ministry...." (softcover: This book is a reprint of *Theory of Religious Ministry to Youth: Faith Development and the Christ in Others Retreat* (2005) with a new introductory section.

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Theory of Religious Ministry to Youth: Faith Development and the Christ in Others Retreat
2005 0-7734-6066-7
This book builds upon doctoral research into the pastoral dynamics of the “Christ in Others” Retreat (COR), designed for late adolescents and which utilizes the faith development theory and research instrument of Dr. James W. Fowler. That study demonstrated that COR has potential to transform and support adolescent faith development. Insights were gained into youth ministry (YM) and the distinctive features of adolescent evangelization. This book synthesizes further reflection upon this dissertation, YM experience, and reading into a foundational method that can promise an effective ministry with youth. The book delineates five essential principles that need to come together to form a comprehensive program of YM. It is written for pastors, youth ministers, high school chaplains, campus ministers, teachers, parents and Christians who want to understand the unique dynamics of youth ministry: how to succeed, what to do, who should do what?

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