Barnhart, Joe

Joe Barnhart is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies at the University of North Texas. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston University.

Dostoevsky on Evil and Atonementthe Ontology of Personalism in His Major Fiction
1992 0-7734-9189-9
This work opens a door to a fresh understanding of Dostoevsky's version of the origin of human evil. In his philosophical novels, Dostoevski's view of original conflict and inevitable evil goes far beyond Augustine, Pelagius, and Luther. The authors are the first to build a case for viewing Dostoevsky as a philosophical personalist whose approach to nature provides insight to ecologists. They offer a radically new analysis of the themes of suffering, incarnation, and atonement that will appeal to both psychologists and students of religion and theology. The section on atonement and its relation to the classical theory of tragedy breaks new ground.

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