Roy, Jody M.

About the author: Jody Roy earned her PhD in Speech Communication with a minor in Religious Studies from Indiana University. In 1992 she won Indiana’s Lieber Prize for outstanding teaching. Currently, Roy is an Associate professor and Chair of the Department of Speech at Ripon College in Wisconsin.

Rhetorical Campaigns of the 19th Century Anti-Catholics and Catholics in America
1999 0-7734-7908-2
This study explores answers to the following questions: 1) how did anti-Catholic rhetors make the alleged threat of a Catholic conspiracy against American liberty so persuasive that it could sustain an active movement from the 1830s-1850s? and 2) how did Catholic leaders construct and justify their response strategies and what did those strategies tell Catholics, and all American, that it meant to be a Catholic American? “Anybody who wants to understand Anti-Catholicism, Catholicism, and how the two shaped and were shaped by America needs to read this book.” – Gary Hiebsch

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