Walmsley, Joan M.

About the editor: Joan Walmsley took an Honours degree in English from the University of London, followed by a Masters degree on Elizabethan Prose Fiction. She then taught English Literature in a Teacher Training College affiliated to the University of London and later headed the English Department. After retiring to rural Wales she studied at Saint David’s University College in the University of Wales and obtained her doctorate; she also did some teaching there. She is the author of John Reynolds Merchant of Exeter and His Contribution to the Literary Scene 1620-1660 (Mellen, 1991).

Triumphs of God's Revenge
2004 0-7734-8992-4
John Reynolds’ ‘Histories’, set in European countries so that no one in England could be identified, comprised a unique and lively collection of stories of murder and revenge encompassing the social, religious, and to some extent political mores of his day. His characters represent all classes of society, and unique in the collection of duello stories and the terrible and tragic consequences which they depict. In Reynolds’ day and beyond, his book was a best-seller, and was last reprinted in 1779, adapted to the taste of the times. This volume, based on the 1639 volume, contains the first ten of the original thirty ‘histories’ (Books I and II), with the original foreword and introduction by John Reynolds, and a new foreword by the editor.

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