LaMonica, Jeffrey

Dr. Jeffrey LaMonica is an Associate Professor of History at Delaware County Community College.

The 1916 War Between "Pancho" Villa and the U.S. Army: The Military Legacy of the US/Mexican Border
2021 1-4955-0865-X
Dr. LaMonica documents the 1916 proxy war between the United States and Mexico, where a wing of the U.S. Army chased famed Mexican revolutionary leader "Pancho" Villa after he raided American settlements in the Southwest United States. The campaign is being given new attention, due to its importance to U.S. and Mexican relations in the twentieth-century and its connection to the United States entering World War I in 1917. The campaign was the coming out party for future U.S. military figures John J. Pershing and George S. Patton, where it was Patton's first taste of battle. This title includes 4 color photos and 8 black and white photos.

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