High, Jeffrey L.

About the author: Dr. Jeffrey L. High (PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst) has spoken and published widely both nationally and internationally on German intellectual history, focusing on Enlightenment moral, political, and aesthetic theory, and was twice awarded Fulbright Research Fellowships. He teaches German Studies, German literature of the Enlightenment and literary theory, has taught at the University of Massachusetts, the University of Heidelberg, the University of Minnesota, and California State University Long Beach, and is the recipient of numerous teaching awards.

Schillers Rebellionskonzept Und Die FranzÖsische Revolution
2004 0-7734-6500-6
This study details how Schiller’s first writings on aesthetics and moral philosophy comprise a moral philosophical and teleological system with which Schiller analyzed the moral dynamics of political rebellions. This concept stems from Schiller’s categorization of action dominated by either sensual drives or abstract reason and his use of these categories for the critical analysis of rebels and rebellion. These early categories reveal that Schiller’s distance from the French Revolution should have come as no surprise, on the contrary, in light of this highly articulated concept of rebellion, anything more than ambivalence would have marked a surprising change of direction.

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