Salloway, Jeffrey Colman

Dr. Jeffrey Colman Salloway is the Director and Associate Professor at the Center for Health Promotion and Research at the School of Health Studies at the University of New Hampshire. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Boston University.

Preventions and Treatments of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. A Socio-Epidemological Sourcebook
1991 0-7734-9714-5
This sourcebook emphasizes information and experience by practitioners in the field of substance-abuse prevention and treatment, and addresses the issues from a sociological perspective, rather than focusing on a specific sub-group. Given the nature of concerns from interpersonal to organizational, a variety of methodologies is also useful in gaining better understanding. The book also includes material on substance abuse programs in countries outside the US to broaden the cultural context. This book is intended for a wide audience whose research methodology, interests, and skills vary; therefore chapters are written to aid general readers as well as instructors. For the general reader, chapters are written with a minimum of research jargon and data using a modified case-study method which is highly readable. For researchers and advanced students who wish to pursue greater complexities, data tables and statistical information in more detail are given at the end of the chapter. Most chapters also provide references central to the topic in order to aid further reading.

Socio-Cultural Matrix of Alcohol and Drug Use a Sourcebook of Patterns and Factors
1990 0-88946-849-4
Twenty-two original essays that address the social and cultural factors affecting the use and abuse of alcohol and other chemical substances in a variety of sub-populations, including: adolescents, the elderly, women, physicians, nurses, the poor, members of the upper middle class, Mexican-Americans, Oriental Jews, and black students.