Robinson, Jeffrey C.

About the poet: Jeffrey C. Robinson's most recent books include: Romantic Presences: Living Images in the Age of Wordsworth and Shelley (1995), Reception and Poetics in Keats: My Ended Poet (1998), and The Life of Things (2001). He has recently co-edited two anthologies - The Walker's Literary Companion (2000) and The Quotable Walker (2000) - and is working on a large study of Romantic Counter-poetics. Mellen published Spliced Romanticism in 1997.

Spliced Romanticism
1997 0-7734-2814-3
A book in four sequences, each sequence featuring a poetic response to some aspect of Romantic poetry in an effort to 'update' that poetry in terms of contemporary poetics and idiom.

Wordsworth Notebook. Moods of My Own Mind and Other Poems From Romanticism
2002 0-7734-3431-3
Continues the project begun in Romantic Presences (1995), Spliced Romanticism (Mellen, 1997) and The Life of Things (2001) - of recasting the language, imagery and events from British Romantic Poetry (principally that of Wordsworth, Shelley, and Keats) into original poems in a contemporary idiom and post-modern poetics. The title-sequence imagines an "inner world" of William and Dorothy Wordsworth during a summer (1802) of intense writing of poems and journal entries. Another sequence joins and reworks the language of Romantic poems with that of select twentieth-century poets.