Cap, Jean-Pierre

Dr. Jean-Pierre Cap teaches at Lafayette College.

L'etat Actuel de L'espagne ( September 1779): A French Diplomat's Report to His Government About the Social, Economic, and Political Situation and Military Capability of Spain and Its Empire in 1779
2013 0-7734-4074-7
This book is a report on Spain written in Madrid by the French diplomat Jean-Francois de Bourgoing when France was becoming increasingly involved in the American Revolution. At that time the French were pressing the Spaniards to join them. Bourgoing first describes Spanish society on religiosity, the Church and the Inquisition. His perspective is that of a disciple of Voltaire. His description of the various governmental bodies, the economy and foreign trade, especially with Spain’s vast colonial empire including the Indies, was designed to be practical for French policy makers. The final chapters on the Court and the state of the arts in Spain reveal Bourgoing’s chauvinism. His secularism, typical of France’s enlightened elite, was to culminate in the French Revolution a decade later.

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SURVIVING COMMUNISM IN UKRAINE 1917-1941: A Memoir-Novel by Olena Zvychaina and Mykhailo Mlakovyi Translated From the Ukrainian Voroh Narodu / An Enemy of the People by Vera Kaczmarsky
2013 0-7734-4344-4
This memoir-novel is a historical account of real life under communism in Ukraine from 1917 to the first months of the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany in 1941. It reveals the barbaric treatment inflicted upon ordinary Ukrainians under Stalin’s regime. These author-survivors are real human beings who deftly depict the atrocities and horrors inflicted upon them documenting the annihilative brutality of Soviet tyranny during this era of history.

A riveting narrative, a historical novel, a story about personal dignity, humanity and integrity in the face of a brutal political system. It documents details of Soviet history and its penal system from a Ukrainian perspective under Stalin that no other source has provided since not many survived to describe the horror of it.

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