Thomas, Jean D'Amato

Dr. Jean D'Amato Thomas received her Ph.D. in Classics at The John Hopkins University. She was a Professor at Louisiana Scholars' College at Northwestern State University.

Critical Edition of Peter of Eboli's De Balneis Terre Laboris: (Two Volumes)
2016 0-7734-4360-6
This two-book set delineates the history of Traditions about the antiquities of the Phlegraean Fields northwest of Naples through a combination of textual, historical, art historical, and cultural investigations. It is, therefore, an attempt to view these important antiquities and the traditions concerning them from a comprehensive and synthetic view to provide one example of the influence of the classical world on later ages. The study ranges from antiquity itself to the present, but its major focus will be on the Middle Ages through the seventeenth century.

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