Hopkins, Jasper

Anselm of Canterbury Complete Treatises Volume I: Monologion. Proslogion. Debate with Guanilo. a Meditation on Human Redemption
1974 0-88946-000-0
Draws together three works which illustrate Anselm's distinctive contributions to 11th-century philosophy and theology. "These translations . . . are on the whole clear, intelligible, and sufficiently faithful to the original Latin. Considering how dense and compressed Anselm's Latin is, that is no mean achievement." - Theology "The editors claim with justice that the examples of Anselm's work presented here provide a most striking instance of the mediaeval world's desire to combine the spiritual and rational elements of human nature in a synthesis which does violence to neither." - Church Times "[T]he editors . . . are providing a valuable service in providing a translation from the modern critical edition of the text." - Expository Times "The editors have shown scholarship of the highest order both in the rendering itself, and the critical notes." - The Universe "a clear, scholarly, and readily available English version of [Anselm's] major writings" - The Tablet

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Anselm of Canterbury Complete Treatises Volume II: Philosophical Fragments. De Grammatico. on Truth. Freedom of Choice. the Fall of the Devil. the Harmony of the Foreknowledge, the Predestination, and the Grace of God with Free Choice
1976 0-88946-250-X

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Anselm of Canterbury Complete Treatises Volume III: Two Letters Concerning Roscelin. the Incarnation of the Word. Why God Became Man. the Virgin Conception and Original Sin. the Procession of the Holy Spirit. Three Letters on the Sacraments
1976 0-88946-350-6

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Anselm of Canterbury Complete Treatises Volume IV: Hermeneutical and Textual Problems in the Complete Treatises of St. Anselm
1976 0-88946-551-7
For the advanced scholar. Seeks to illustrate the difficulty of grasping some of Anselm's ideas by showing how his simple language is not always clear and how some of his clear ideas are not always simple.

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Anselm of Canterbury Complete Treatises-No longer available
1974 0-88946-997-6

Anselm of Canterbury Trinity, Incarnation, and Redemption Three Philosophical Dialogues
2016 0-88946-844-3

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