Rich, Janet Bubar

Dr. Janet Bubar Rich holds a Ph.D in Mythological Studies with an emphasis on Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is a writer and lecturer based in Southern California.

Exploring Guinevere's Search for Authenticity in the Arthurian Romances: The Thousand-Year Quest of a Mythic Woman to Find Her Historical Embodiment in Film and Literature
2012 0-7734-2663-9
Rich discusses Guinevere as a mythical character who embodies a set of mythical traditions that span several centuries. Often depicted differently her legacy has yet to be fully recognized because she is overshadowed by Arthur. This book seeks to correct that problem and fill in a gap in the scholarship by providing an extensive study of the ways she has been represented from medieval times until today. Rich draws on notable scholarship like C.G. Jung’s individuation process, and Joseph Campbell’s hero journey, as she strives to uncover an authentic account of Guinevere’s story. This work explores her struggles, honors her otherworldly origins, and imagines her in an androgynous world that allows her to be her own person, marry for love, care for the earth, and tend to soul; not one into which she tries to fit, but one that she helps to shape.

Price: $199.95

Hestia - Goddess of the Hearth: The Archetypal, Architectural, and Spiritual Functions of the Hearth as Home of the Human Soul
2014 0-7734-0070-2
This book honors Hestia, the goddess of the hearth. It fills the gaping void in exclusive scholarship on Hestia and explores her as a pop culture icon in a quest to grasp her relevance for people today. Thinking about Hestia as an archetype of focus and centeredness may offer soulful refuge from the e-chatter overload that people face in their daily lives. It may help fulfill contemporary yearnings for authenticity and wholeness within human hearts and souls by offering us a path homeward, back to connections with people’s inner selves.

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