Scott, Ivan

About the author: Ivan Scott received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. He is Professor Emeritus of The University of Toledo. He published Upton Sinclair, the Forgotten Socialist with Mellen in 1997.

Louis Bromfield, Novelist and Agrarian Reformer. The Forgotten Author
1998 0-7734-8503-1
This biography uses archives at The Ohio State University, records in Mansfield, Ohio, as well as Bromfield's letters to reconstruct his life and career.

Price: $359.95

Upton Sinclair, the Forgotten Socialist
1997 0-7734-8679-8
In a long career, Upton Sinclair made himself one of the principal spokesmen of American socialism. With the decline of socialism in the United States as a viable social and political force, Sinclair's reputation as a reformer declined also, although his literary reputation remained constant. His lasting influence was to effect the transfer of socialist ideas from the moribund socialist party to a rejuvenated Democratic Party, which after 1932 adopted many of them. Today he is remembered as a socialist by very few.

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