Andrés-Cuevas, Isabel María

Dr.Isabel María Andrés-Cuevas teaches several courses on English and English Literature at the University of Granada where she obtained her PhD with honours and the special Doctor Europeus mention for her thesis on the narrative of Virginia Woolf, which she wrote partly in Bangor under the supervision of the reputed editor and scholar on Woolf, Dr. Whitworth. This was possible after being granted with two respective scholarships in 2004 and 2005. Her research on Woolf has materialized in different chapters and articles in journals, such as Virginia Woolf Miscellany, In-Between, or Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts, among others, as well as numerous participations in conferences, both in Spain and abroad. Her interests are modernist and contemporary women writers, including Virginia Woolf, Djuna Barnes, and Sylvia Plath.

Aesthetic Construction of the Female Grotesque in Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf. A Study of the Interplay of Life and Literature
2011 0-7734-1565-3
Examines Mansfield and Woolf through a contextual analysis of the ideas presented by Julia Kristerva, Mary Russo, and Bakhtin. Rodríguez-Salas and Andrés-Cuevas develop the ideas of the female grotesque and metaphorical cannibalism to critique Edwardian society and the hypocrisy surrounding female identity. The authors pay significant attention to Mansfield and Woolf’s depictions of womanhood and maternity, and how they were influenced by external and cultural factors. This text examines a previously unrecognized strategy in Mansfield and Woolf's writings for the subversion of imperial and patriarchal power.

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