Furseth, Inger

About the author: Dr. Inger Furseth is a Research Associate at KIFO Centre for Church Research, Oslo, Norway. Her research is concerned with social and religious movements, religious diversity, politics and religion, and gender issues, with a focus on Scandinavian countries. She received her Dr.Polit. Degree from the University of Oslo.

A Comparative Study of Social and Religious Movements in Norway, 1780s-1905
2002 0-7734-7195-2
This study includes three social movements: the Lofthus revolt, the Thrane movement, and the early labor movement; and two religious movements: the Hauge movement and Norwegian Methodism. The analysis examines how they mobilized resources to reach their goals, the external and internal factors that influenced their degrees of success and failure, and the interactions and exchanges between them. It uses a combination of resource mobilization theory and political process theory for analysis.

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