Regis, Humphrey A.

Dr. Humphrey A. Regis received his Ph.D. from Howard University in Washington, DC in Mass Communication. He has been a teacher and a journalist in Saint Lucia and in the United States. He studies the relationships between mass communication and cultural domination by re-importation/re-exportation, orientation to reference groups, and location in global social space. He also studies the relationships between major features and currents in the history of the ancient World African Community and major characteristics of People of African Descent in the English-speaking Eastern Caribbean.

How American Reggae Redefined Jamaican and Caribbean Reggae: A Theoretical Study of the Relationship Between Mass Communication and Cultural Domination
2015 1-4955-0365-8
This work describes changes in the Jamaican and Caribbean reggae culture by examining the relationship between mass communication and the cultural domination of African, Caribbean, and other less powerful peoples that has been based primarily on importation/exportation theoretical framework of cultural domination. The author argues this importation/ exportation framework does not acknowledge the role of African, Caribbean, and other current less powerful peoples as originators in what history indicates is the millennia-old process of domination by the more powerful.

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