Kang, Hildi

Hildi Kang, a graduate of University of California, Berkeley, is currently a Research Scholar at the Center for Korean Studies at the same institution. Her book, Under the Black Umbrella: Voices from Colonial Korea, was published in 2001 by Cornell University Press, with Japanese translation in 2006. She has presented papers at various Association for Asian Studies conferences, and served as guest lecturer in numerous Korean studies classes. www.hildikang.com

Family Lineage Records as a Resource for Korean History
2007 0-7734-5339-3
This book presents, amplifies, and breathes life into a sample of a Korean lineage records, and as such, seeks to fill the gap in scholarship that lies between simple recognition of the existence of these chokpo and a deeper comprehension of their contents. It erases the mystique surrounding Korean lineage records and makes these records accessible to any English speaking reader. By examining one family line in great detail, readers will be introduced to this unique Korean asset, and the wealth of material hidden in these volumes. This book contains 12 Color Photos and 15 Black and White Photos

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