Cooper, H.H.A.

Dr. H.H.A. Cooper is president of Nuevevidas International, Inc., a Texas consulting company specializing in safety and survival issues. He teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses at The University of Texas at Dallas. He directed the National Advisory Committee Task Force on Disorders and Terrorism, 1974-1977, and was the Director of the Criminal Law Education and Research Center (CLEAR) and Deputy Director of the Center of Forensic Psychiatry of New York University. Dr. Cooper is the author of many works dealing with terrorism and other manifestations of extraordinary violence.

Terrorism and Espionage in the Middle East
2006 0-7734-5866-2
This work represents an ambitious, controversial, revisionist examination of a number of important terroristic events of the past thirty years. It focuses, principally, upon the critical Israeli/Palestinian struggle that has, in many ways, defined thought and action about the terrorist phenomenon. Conventional, partisan explanations of some of these cruel, violent acts, part of what has been called ‘the scourge of our times,’ seem unsatisfactory to those who approach them, on an informerd basis, with a more open mind. Alternatives are explored here as what is suggested has been a well-organized, clandestine struggle by Israel to contain what otherwise might have proven an insupportable burden for that nation to have carried on its own.

What is essayed, in this lengthy review, is a scholarly, non-judgmental exposition of a remarkable, perhaps unique, counter-terrorism strategy. Its success resides in the very strength of the beliefs which this work is designed to challenge. The subject is breathtaking in its scope and potential, and the authors are all too conscious of how much farther their explorations may have taken them. History will judge how much of their thesis is to be accepted at face value. This is a seminal effort destined to cast light upon a dark area of strategic deception. Much is left to be said, but this foundation may serve to persuade others, especially qualified and unprejudiced, to build upon it.

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The Murder of Olof Palme - A Tale of Assassination, Deception and Intrigue: With Appendix - The Assassination of Anna Lindh, Swedish Foreign Minister
2004 0-7734-6587-1
The assassination in 1986 of Olof Palme, a distinguished international statesman, remains to this day an unsolved mystery. While in some ways resembling the puzzling features inherent in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the continuing mystery has a deeper significance that the authors of this work seek to probe and elucidate. Any examination of the Palme assassination has to be conducted with reference to an extremely complex set of international factors. It is in this milieu that Palme found a special role for himself as an international statesman, seeking to mediate some of the lesser though deadly wars, in particular the Iran/Iraq conflict. The authors examine all the evidence, present their own case on these arcane matters, leaving it to the readers to come to their own conclusions.

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