Sieberg, Herward

Dr. Herward Sieberg is professor (Emeritus) of Political Science, Universität Hildesheim (Germany). He is the author of several books and articles on the political and colonial history of France and Britain, including, Colonial Development: Die Grundlegung moderner Entwicklungspolitik durch Grossbritannien, 1919-1949 (1985). He recently completed a monograph on the writer Elisabeth von Heyking, elder sister of Irene-Forbes Mosse and granddaughter of Achim and Bettine von Arnim, Elisabeth von Heyking. Ein romanhaftes Leben (2012). He is also the former Deputy President of the University, Dean of Education and Social Science, and Director of the Institute of Social Science.

Anglo - German Correspondence of Vernon Lee and Irene Forbes-Mosse During World War I. Women Writers' Friendship Transcending Enemy Lines
2014 0-7734-4313-4
This recently discovered cache of letters, skillfully and devotedly edited by Sieberg and Zorn, provides us with new insight into the powerful story of the enduring friendship of two women writers from enemy nations and their intellectual yet heartfelt correspondence, describing the events and challenges of The Great War from a clearly women’s perspective, outside the confines of the suppressive public sphere of censorship and propaganda.

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