du Toit, Herman

Dr. Herman du Toit is Head of Museum Research at Brigham Young University Museum of Art and is the recipient of a J. Paul Getty Doctoral Fellowship, awarded for his study of art museum interpretive practices in North America. Formerly director of the Durban Art School in South Africa, Dr. du Toit has curated, and provided interpretation for numerous exhibitions at Brigham Young University Museum of Art since 1994.

Modernist-Utopian Art of Karl Momen, B. 1934
2007 0-7734-5503-5
This work is an analysis of the artistic trajectory of Karl Momen (b. 1934), a painter, sculptor, architect, and set designer, who studied with Max Ernest and Le Corbusier before embarking on an artistic career marked by adherence to certain avant-garde precepts formulated in early twentieth-century Europe. The documentation of Karl Momen’s work, from 1960 to the present, provides a unique insight into the mind, life history, and artistic output of one of the foremost exponents of constructivist thought in our day, while also contributing to our understanding of how avant-garde art movements continue to exert their influence on the production of non-objective contemporary art.

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