Ekwe-Ekwe, Herbert

Issues in Nigerian Politics Since the Fall of the Second Republic 1984-1990
1992 0-7734-9457-X
Beginning with a general survey of the politics of Nigeria's Second Republic which was overthrown by the military in December 1984, this volume undertakes a rigorous examination of the socio-economic and political programmes of the two military administrations: the Buhari and Babangida regimes. The text contends that the Babangida regime's International Monetary Fund-sponsored `Structural Adjustment Economic Programme' has had a devastating effect on the Nigerian economy. Contends that it has radically increased the levels of the country's net-capital transfers to the West, fuelled spiralling inflation, depressed local production particularly in industrial enterprises, and created mass unemployment. Finally, the book casts doubt on the democratic character of the military regime's `transitional' process to the restoration of civilian government in 1992, which has been a crucial arena of regime diktat and subterfuge.

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The Biafra War: Nigeria and the Aftermath
1991 0-88946-235-6
This study examines the complexity of the nature and outcome of the Biafra War. This is a wide-ranging rigorous discourse which demonstrates the alienation imperative of the Western-created post-Colonial state. The author argues that this state is historically flawed and does not serve the interests of the African peoples. He contends instead that a post-post-Colonial state evolving from internal African conditions and priorities offers Africa the way forward to avoid horrendous conflicts such as Biafra.

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