Brown, Harry

About the author: Harry Brown holds a PhD from Ohio University. Since 1970 he has taught American literature and creative writing at Eastern Kentucky University; at EKU he has also served as Poetry Editor for Scripsit, Associate Editor of The Chaffin Journal, and Director of the summer Creative Writing Conference. In 1994 Brown was a fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and received a Senior Fellowship at the mary Anderson Center for the Arts; in 1995 he was named an EKU Foundation Professor. He has published four collections of poetry with Mellen: Paint Lick Idyll; Measuring Man; Ego’s Eye, and Everything Is Its Opposite.

Ego’s Eye and Other Poems
2001 0-7734-3583-2
Ego’s Eye ridicules snobbery, conformity, and opportunism, takes a humorous look at birds and cats including Jett the castrate, Cat Cool Hand, and Mrs. Robin and concludes with poems of irony, the real ‘spice of life’.

Everything is Its Opposite
2001 0-7734-3585-9

Measuring Man
1989 0-88946-888-5
Poems on disparate topics, several of which take their subject from Biblical literature.

Paint Lick Idyll and Other Poems (hardcover)
1989 0-88946-886-9