Drees, Hajo

About the author: Hajo Drees was born in Frankfort, Germany. He received his PhD in German from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is the author of Rainer Maria Rilke: Autobiography, Fiction, and Therapy. He is Program Director of German at Samford University.

Comprehensive Interpretation of the Life and Work of Christa Wolf, 20th Century German Writer
2002 0-7734-7202-9
Christa Wolf has been celebrated as one of the most innovative German-speaking postwar writers and is the recipient of many international awards and prizes. Her fiction has also earned her censorship and international criticism. Her prose brilliantly depicts East and West Germany’s path to coming to terms with the influence of the Hitler regime. This study examines her fiction, speeches, and essays, illustrating how the trinity of identity, socialization and artistic creativity evolves and manifests itself in her writing.

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