Mermier, Guy R.

Explication de Texte Theorie et Pratique
1993 0-7734-9261-5
This textbook is an introduction to the traditional method of explication de texte. It leads the beginner from the basic concepts and definitions to gradual mastery of the method suggested. All literary genres (prose, poetry, theater) and centuries are represented in the theoretical and practical section. Texts are explicated in full at first, then suggested plans for a finished presentation are given. Later, texts are presented without guides and students are expected to imitate the sample texts. The book also includes an introduction to French prosody and criteria for evaluating ideas, emotions, style, composition and literary value. In French.

Price: $179.95

Medieval Book of Beasts -- Pierre De Beauvais' Bestiary
1992 0-7734-9629-7
An English translation of the short version of the famous French Bestiary of Pierre de Beauvais. The original text, the Physiologus was probably written during the second century, in Greek, then translated to Latin, then translated into Old French by de Beauvais. These are stories of animals given as symbols of Man's eternal fears and hopes. This bestiary is a way to recover some valuable fragments of Time, of the thought and mentality of the Middle Ages. Contains thirty-eight original illustrations by artist Alexandra Eldridge. With introduction, notes, and bibliography.

Price: $239.95

Romance of Jean De Paris/le Romant De Jehan De Paris Translated From the Old French
1993 0-7734-9225-9
This anonymous fifteenth-century romance offers readers an unusual and curious window on the realities and mentalities of the late French Middle Ages. The crafty and often humorous antics of the young king of France disguised as a rich bourgeois in order to steal the old king of England's Spanish fiancée are very much in tune with the cynical and satirical stories widely told at that time. The book reveals signs of emerging national patriotism in France after the Hundred Year War against the English, and is also an emblem celebrating the ideal prince.

Price: $119.95