Feagin, Glyndle M. Jr.

About the author: Dr. Feagin received his Ph.D from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, and his D.Min from Phillips Graduate Seminary. He is currently Assistant Professor of Religion at Wayland Baptist University.

Irony and the Kingdom in Mark. A Literary & Critical Study
1997 0-7734-2435-0
This treatment of irony and Kingdom theology in the Gospel of Mark contributes to the enrichment of Markan scholarship in four ways. First, the work is a fairly comprehensive treatment of the use of ironic technique in Mark, focusing on the Kingdom. Second, the study shows how Mark constructs his ironies and clues the reader to their presence. Third, the study classifies every irony identified in the text, and finally, the study shows that Mark takes ironical episodes and weaves them together to produce larger themes which are themselves ironical.

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