Greaney, George L.

Dr. George L. Greaney was educated at the University of Denver, New York University, and the State University of New York at Buffalo. Dr. Greaney taught Classical Greek in the continuing education program at New York University and has taught Latin, Greek, English as a second language, and comparative literature courses at Hofstra University. He is currently the Director of the Hofstra English Language program for international students.

Aeschines de Falsa Legatione / on the False Embassy
2005 0-7734-6148-5
This new translation of Aeschines' On the Embassy is designed for readers who know little or no Greek but would like to gain a sense of the linguistic and stylistic qualities of the original text. Numerous notes to the text incorporate the analysis of ancient rhetoricians, the work of nineteenth-century scholars, and that of the most recent commentators in English, German, and Italian. At certain points in the notes textual problems and variant interpretations by recent translators and commentators are addressed and, in some cases, new solutions or interpretations are offered. The bibliography is comprehensive, including work in several languages, both recent and from the past, addressing rhetorical issues, as well as legal and historical ones.

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