Brooke, George J.

Women in the Biblical Tradition
1992 0-7734-9216-X
The majority of essays in this innovative collection discuss biblical narratives that mention particular women: Hannah, Martha, Mary, Mary of Clopas, Michal, Susanna, the Syrophenician Woman, the Samaritan Woman, Tamar, and others. In each case the discussion has a novel aspect: the chauvinism of recent Bible translations, the place of Cynic philosophy in first century Palestine, the problem of the work ethic, the questioning of Jesus' attitude to women, early Christian missionary activity. Other essays discuss methodological issues: the inheritance of the daughters of Zelophehad is assessed from the perspective of social anthropology; the significance of the femininity of Wisdom is analyzed with historical critical rigor; the parables of the lost are examined from the point of view of post-modernist feminism; the logic of the passages about women in Paul's correspondence with Corinth is reconsidered.

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