Clarkson, George E.

George Whitefield and Welsh Calvinistic Methodism
1996 0-7734-8758-1
This study deals with the Welsh revival movement of the 18th century and the remarkable way that George Whitefield fitted into it. He was a Calvinist who believed that one could be both a Methodist and a Calvinist. The leaders of the Welsh revival were also Calvinistic and welcomed him. The book traces the beginnings and development of the movement, carrying it up to the present day and showing changes in beliefs. A pocket of Welsh immigrants brought this church to America in upstate New York where it later (in the 20's) united with the Presbyterians.

Grounds for Belief in Life After Death
1987 0-88946-716-1
Expounds a Christian viewpoint of life after death, including a background chapter on biblical roots and encompassing some mystical and existential approaches. An appendix presents Paul Tillich's 1962 Harvard lecture, "Symbols of Eternal Life."