Murray, Gene

About the author: Gene Murray earned a bachelor’s degree from Murray State University, a master’s in journalism from Ohio University, and a PhD from Texas A&M. He joined the mass communication faculty at Grambling State University in 1992, and has also worked for daily, weekly, and military newspapers. A former military public affairs officer, he was a Summer Faculty Researcher at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute.

Covering Sex, Race, and Gender in the American Military Services
2003 0-7734-6548-0
Presents studies concerning press coverage of sensitive equal opportunity issues in the American military services during the close of the 20th century. After discussing the role of the mass media, the book deals with press coverage of sexual harassment, media coverage of reports on equal opportunity issues and race relations, and the press’s handling of gender-integrated training in the military services. The final chapter includes discussion of embedded reporters, coverage of Private First Class Jessica Lynch, and media credibility and responsibility.

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