de León, Fray Luis

About the authors: John A. Jones received his doctorate from Leeds. He is Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies at the University of Hull. He has written about literature and humanism in 16th and 17th century Spain, including a bilingual edition of some of Cervantes's Exemplary Novels. Javier San José Lera received his doctorate from Salamanca (Spain), for which he was awarded a special prize. He is Senior Lecturer in the Departamento de Literature Española at the University of Salamanca. He has produced editions of the works of Fray Luis de León, including Exposición del Libro de Job.

A Bilingual Edition of Fray Luis De León's La Perfecta Casada: The Role of Married Women in Sixteenth-Century Spain
1999 0-7734-8178-8
This bilingual edition makes accessible to readers who have little or no knowledge of Spanish an important work on the role of women in marriage, while at the same time enabling readers of Spanish to further their understanding of Fray Luis de León's work which embodies an essentially Christian view of marriage in which the role of men, women, and family are very clearly defined, providing an interesting insight into the world-view of a past age.

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