Burton, Frances D.

Social Processes and Mental Abilities in Non-Human Primates Evidences From Longitudinal Field Studies
1992 0-7734-9537-1
This anthropological inquiry into the nature of non-human primates considers group social dynamics, organization and behavior as local phenomena with transcendent properties. Rejects the neo-Darwinian view that social behavior is subject to natural selection and that genetic determinism underlies manifest patterns. New models are introduced concerning: where behavior lies (Paterson, Hornshaw); what the meaning of proximal domain of behavior is to the actors (Burton); problems of epistemology within primate studies that have sent primatologists off track (Chan, Hornshaw, Burton, Zeller); nature of interaction among young female orangutans and the history of the development of solitary patterns (Galdikas); and how patterns of communication code intricate, complex information of social significance (Burton, Zeller). Includes maps, photographs, glossary of technical terms, and a joint bibliography with chapter numbers.

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