Dickson, Foster J.

Foster Dickson is a writer, editor, and teacher in Montgomery, Alabama. Dickson teaches creative writing at Booker T. Washington Magnet High School.

THE LIFE AND POETRY OF JOHN BEECHER (1904-1980): Advocate of Poetry as a Spoken Art
2009 0-7734-4654-0
This work is a two-part overview to this writer, poet, journalist, activist, and sociologist. The introduction covers some background on how scholars and academics have neglected Beecher, for a variety of possible reasons. Part one consists of a biography that centers on Beecher’s working life, only briefly discussing his four marriages and only mentioning that he had four children. Part two covers a sampling of his poetry, offering explications and critical analysis that point to the conclusion that Beecher should not have been neglected or omitted from literary study to the extent that he has been. The afterword discusses the author’s experiences during his research process, including meeting Beecher’s widow Barbara. Overall, the work is intended to reintroduce John Beecher to the literary community and incite further discussion about him.

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