Mafie, Farhad

About the author: Farhad Mafie started reading and translating Naderpours work many years before meeting Naderpour in person in the United States in the late 1980s. Born in Tehran, Iran, Mafie came to the United States in 1977 and was a student of Naderpours for more than 10 years at UCI and UCLA. They remained close friends until Naderpours death in 2000. Mafie attended Chapman University and received his Masters in Electronic Engineering at California State University, Fullerton. Mafie is a frequent critic of the Islamic Republic of Iran. His articles and translations have been published in many magazines and web-based journals.

Nader Naderpour (1929-2000), Iranian Poet, Thinker, Patriot
2003 0-7734-6840-4
Nader Naderpour, celebrated Iranian poet, political scholar, and literary critic, was a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Because of his outspoken criticism of the Islamic Government in Iran, he lived a life of self-imposed exile, teaching Persian literature and Iranian political history at UCLA and UCI for many years. This volume includes a biography, personal recollections of associates, including his wife, comments of other poets on Naderpours works, a selection of his poems, his most famous political-historical articles, and his commentaries on modern Iranian prose and poetry. With photographs.

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