van Leeuwen, Evert Jan

Evert Jan van Leeuwen received his Ph.D. from Leiden University, the Netherlands where he is lecturer in English and American literature.

Alchemical Construction of Genders in Anglo-american Fiction, 1799-1852: Visions of Utopia as Androgynous
2011 0-7734-1532-7
This book examines unnoticed aspects of characters in both marginal and canonical works of American and English fiction.

Price: $239.95

Poetic Meditations on Death: A Gothic and Romantic Literary Genre of the Long Eighteenth Century (1693-1858)
2014 0-7734-4265-0
This anthology of graveyard poetry is designed to make available to students of English-language literature this once popular but now rather obscure genre of eighteenth-century verse. It contains foundational graveyard poems, innovative and original variations, notable and frivolous imitations, and several odd and noteworthy transformations by British and American poets.

Price: $219.95