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Blackbird a Book of Poems on the World and Work of Franz Kafka
1993 0-7734-0031-1
In this, his seventh poetry collection, Emery George pays homage to the storyteller who has most urgently addressed our age. Arranged in three parts, the poems celebrate Prague ("Oh City, City!"), Kafka and his circle ("Franti_ek"), and selected stories ("Tales of the Frightened Imagination"). The Prague of Kafka's day was one of Europe's most beautiful cities (it still is). For Kafka it was a place to try to escape from. He felt claustrophobic there, and yearned for the open spaces of travel. He seems to have felt that the ancient and ornate buildings were like people: forbidding, staring, incommunicado.-- from the Preface

Price: $39.95

HÖlderlin and the Golden Chain of Homer Including an Unknown Source
1992 0-7734-9606-8
Consisting of two essays, this book investigates the impact on Hölderlin's poetic imagery of the Homeric metaphor of the golden chain of nature. It contrasts A. O. Lovejoy's ideas on "the great chain of being" with the results of recent research. It also announces discovery of an unknown source to which Hölderlin was indebted: an early seventeenth-century Jesuit devotional tract. The study considers the full range of the poetic work, including the poems, Hyperion, and Empedokles. The book is illustrated with two figures, and concludes with two appendixes of verbal data, a bibliography, and indexes of names and of Hölderlin's works.

Price: $139.95