Camatsos, Efrosini

Dr. Efrosini Camatsos holds a Ph.D. in Modern Languages from the University of Cambridge. She currently teaches at the University of Athens.

Female I in Modern Greek Prose Fiction 1924-1962: A Literary Development of Freeing the Female Voice
2013 0-7734-4073-9
In this monograph, Dr. Comatsos analyzes the utilization of female narrators in Greek fiction from 1924-1962 and connects the appearance of women in the public sphere in Greece. The author examines female narrators in nine novels written by both male and female authors using narratology, feminism, and Bakhtin’s polyphony in her inquiry. She follows the emergence of the female “I” from private forms of writing (diary, journals) to more public ones. She shows how male authors (here, Grigorios Xenopoulos and Nikos Katiforis) use a female voice to justify male patriarchal ideologies. Additionally, she tells stories of women (the artist, Eleni Altamoura) who deal with obstacles set up for them by Greek society.

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