McDonald, Edward R.

Dr. Edward R. McDonald is a Professor of German at Lafayette College. He received his Ph.D. in Germanic Studies at Columbia University.

As Emotional Disarray Escalates Into Mental Disorder in Michael Berg's
2015 0-7734-4319-3
A fresh look at how literature can make the incomprehensible horror of the Holocaust comprehensible through art. Der Vorleser continues to be a highly controversial work of contemporary fiction. Its primary aim was to engage the reader in the legacy of pain and psychological trauma inflicted by the wartime generation onto the hearts and minds of their post WWII children. Is it a love story or a fictional account of an historic event? McDonald's analysis elucidates new meaning to the conflicting themes within the book without trivializing the historical event it embodies.

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Zur Frage Der Daseinfunktion Von Heinrich Böll Umstrittenem Helden
2008 0-7734-5394-6
Examines Heinrich Böll’s negative outlook toward the growth and intensification of institutionalized thinking in West Germany’s Federal Republic during the late fifties and early sixties with the extent to which Böll’s personal attitude might be reflected in the sardonic views of his artistic clown.

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