Wonkeryor, Edward L.

Effects of United States' Political Communication and the Liberian Experience (1960-1990). An Afrocentric Analysis
1997 0-7734-2210-2
This study examines the dynamics of U.S. communications and information systems, and the extent to which they are used to maximize American interests in Liberia in particular and in Africa in general. This conceptual approach delineates the foundation and hence the implementation of U.S. economic, cultural, political and military interests vis-a-vis other nation-states.

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On Afro-centricity, Intercultural Communication and Racism
1998 0-7734-8505-8
This book identifies the inherent problems in intercultural communication, racism and politics in contemporary America, while offering means by which these problems could be handled utilizing the Afrocentric paradigm, so that effective communication and interaction can take place between multicultural groups.

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