Kort, E.D.

How John Searle's Theory of the Background Offers the Groundwork for a Revolutionary Philosophy of Mind: A Critical Examination with a Suggestion for Expansion
2024 1-4955-1146-4
"My aim, in this work, is to examine Searle's Theory of the Background critically not for the purpose of rejecting it but to unmoor it from some of its limitations so that it can be developed beyond the restrictions that I take to be imposed on it by Searle's wider approach. So, in the following pages, I aim to pull out the points about the Background that seem to be important to retain for a general theory while identifying what I take to be unnecessary curtailment of its development imposed by Searle's other interests. I make a gesture, in the final chapters, for how his basic theory may be developed into a viable alternative and what I take to be especially interesting to include in such a theory." -E.D. Kort ("Author's Preface")

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