Maher, Eamon

Dr. Eamon Maher is currently Director of the National Centre for Franco-Irish Studies at the Tallaght Institute of Technology in Dublin. He received his Ph.D. in French Literature from the National University of Ireland.

La France Face a La Mondialisation / France and the Struggle Against
2007 0-7734-5370-9
This monograph seeks to examine a specifically French (and, by extension, Irish) reaction to the phenomenon of ‘globalization’, a reaction that is tinged with resistance to both the language and conceptions inherent in the term. This book suggests an alternative project of globalization in which all differences of culture, language and ideology, instead of being subsumed into a homogenous Anglophone whole, are able to cohabit in terms of what Julia Kristeva called “hospitality.” Written in both French and English, the first part of the book deals with a specifically French response to globalization, while the second section discusses the impact of the French stance on the wider world, and particularly Ireland.

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