Jones, Donald G.

American Civil Religion
1990 0-7734-9997-0
A classic that examines what has been called "America's common faith." The list of contributors includes Robert N. Bellah, Will Herberg, David Little, Charles H. Long, Martin E. Marty, Leo Marx, Sidney E. Mead, Herbert Richardson, W. Lloyd Warner, John F. Wilson, and Donald G. Jones.

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1986 0-88946-154-6
This fourth business-ethics bibliography from the University of Virginia's Center for the Study of Applied Ethics enters more than 4,000 items, including texts, monographs, edited volumes, journal and periodical articles, and articles from The Wall Street Journal, under almost fifty headings.

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Private and Public Ethics. Tensions Between Conscience and Institutional Responsibility
1978 0-88946-993-8
Compilation of essays addressing the tensions between conscience and institutional responsibility as problems in morality and politics in American life.

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