Douglas, Dianne

Russia and the Westthe Development of Foreign Policy Stereotypes in the Consciousness of Russian Society of the First Half of the 20th Century
1999 0-7734-3188-8
This scholarly work relates the essence and dynamics of change related to the image of the West held by the different strata of Soviet society including the Soviet military and intellectual elites. It also traces the development and function of foreign policy stereotypes as a specific product of myth and its effect on the entire system of foreign policy propaganda.

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Tuno El Curandero / Tuno the Healer Maestro De La Medicina Folklórica En La Edad Moderna En Peru
2002 0-7734-7295-9
This is a translation of conversations between Dr. José Gushiken and Eduardo (Tuno) Calderón, a native curandero, or healer of mental, spiritual, and physical disease. Looking first and briefly at Calderón’s life and initiation into the mysteries of curanderismo, the reader gets a wonderful insight into the center of curing, the Mesa or ‘Table’, an altar that stands at the nexus of many universal forces: good and evil, the living and the dead, harm and blessing, witchcraft and medicine, male and female, curse and cure. Tuno’s description of this Table remains one of the most complete discussions of this important gateway into other worlds. Tuno also introduces colleagues and mentors, the practice of the curandero from Peru to Guatemala, family, herbalists, mountain fastnesses. He explains the uses of native plants, some of them with surprising hallucinogenic effects; and other objects with familiar, almost pedestrian provenance, like Tabu perfume, water, rocks, whiskey, or tobacco. This study will interest anthropologists, folklorists, physicians, historians of medicine. Facing page translations.

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