Fahey, David M.

Dr. David M. Fahey is Professor Emeritus of History, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Most of his research deals with drink and temperance in the Anglo-American world. Edwin Mellen Press has published two of Fahey’s books, The Collected Writings of Jesse Forsyth 1847-1937; The Good Templars and Temperance Reform on Three Continents (1988) and The Women’s Temperance Crusade in Oxford Ohio (2010).

Collected Writings of Jessie Forsyth the Good Templars and Temperance Reform on Three Continents
1988 0-88946-296-8
The memoirs, letters, essays, fiction, and other representative writings of Jessie Forsyth (1847-1937) of Britain, America, and Australia, with a biographical introduction. Forsyth's order of Good Templars pioneered equal rights for women, fought a bitter internal battle over the rights of blacks, and emphasized the internationalism of the Good Templar brotherhood and sisterhood.

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E. Lawrence Levy and Muscular Judaism, 1851-1932: Sport, Culture, and Assimilation in 19th-Century Britain
2014 1-4955-0267-8
An informative editing of Edward Lawrence Levy’s (1851-1932) historical autobiography providing fascinating insight into this remarkable man. Levy is best known as a “strongman” who won amateur weightlifting championships in both British and international competitions. He was a judge at the 1896 Olympics in Athens and helped organize the gymnastics section of the 1908 Olympics in London. Levy also was a headmaster of a predominantly Jewish school in Birmingham, edited a weekly newspaper for a brewers’ society, organized entertainments at the Midland Conservative Club, and wrote prolifically for newspapers on sport, theater, and music.

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THE WOMEN'S TEMPERANCE CRUSADE IN OXFORD, OHIO: Including a Sketch of the Family of Dr. Alexander Guy (1800-1893) with Excerpts from the Memoir of William Evans Guy
2010 0-7734-1386-3
This case study of the Women's Temperance Crusade in southwestern Ohio is based on primary sources and archival materials. It examines the socio-historical circumstances surrounding the movement as well as the participation of men within the movement. This book contains twenty-two black and white photographs.

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