Leschert, Dale F.

Hermeneutical Foundations of Hebrews. A study in the validity of the Epistle's interpretation of some core citations from the Psalms
1994 0-7734-2860-7
This study enquires into the consistency of both the writer's exegetical content and hermeneutical methodology with historical-grammatical hermeneutics. Part I compares Hebrews' interpretations of Psalms 45:6,7; 8:4-6; and 95:7-11 with their meanings in their respective OT contexts. Part II re-examines the writer's use of Psalm 95 from a methodological perspective since the Epistle's closest resemblances to midrash are found here. It also enquires into the hermeneutical validity of the writer's typological interpretation of Melchizedek, which arises from Psalm 110:4.

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