Gowans, Coleen Hoffman

About the author: Dr. Gowans received her PhD in Theology from Fordham University. She is currently Assistant Professor of Theology at St. Peter's College.

Identity of the True Believer in the Sermons of Augustine of Hippo a Dimension of His Christian Anthropology
1998 0-7734-2227-7
Augustine's Sermones ad populum reveal the active dimension of his Christian anthropology. There he answers the questions "Who is the true believer?" by tracing a path through the heart. Exploration of Augustine's understanding of the term cor shows that he regards the heart as the deepest center of personal identity, and offers further insight into the unity of flesh and spirit. By uniting his understanding of the heart to his thoughts on baptismal identity, this study contributes to a fuller appreciation of the richness, vibrancy and depth of Augustine's insights into the human person which the sermons show in a unique way.

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