Jansen, Clifford J.

Italians in a Multicultural Canada
1989 0-88946-199-6
Evaluates the effect of the official Canadian policy of multiculturalism, in effect since 1971, on this important Canadian ethnic group.

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Sociological and Economic Change in the Peasant Society of Troina, Sicily
1992 0-7734-9469-3
A study conducted in 1963-64 in a small village in the Sicilian interior focused on how people could improve their living standard through cooperation. In 1988-89, two persons who worked on the original study returned to the same village. Troina has 2,000 fewer inhabitants, no factory exists, and unemployment is still high. However, new houses have been built, cars are to be seen everywhere. Miseria (extreme poverty) is a thing of the past. Despite this, locals still consider the future with insecurity, and the younger generations see no alternative to emigration. The present study explores this contradiction.

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