Magallanes-Blanco, Claudia

Claudia Magallanes-Blanco is a full-time Researcher at the Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Western Sydney, Australia where she worked at the Centre for Cultural Research.

Use of Video for Political Consciousness Raising in Mexico. An Analysis of Independent Videos About the Zapatistas
2008 0-7734-5100-5
This study examines the use of video technology as an alternative communication medium within a dialogic framework. It draws on Mikhail Bakhtin’s theory of dialogism and employs a dialogic method that emphasizes diversity. The work takes as its focus the lives and work of a sample of significant independent video-makers on the indigenous Zapatista rebellion. By analysing dialogues within and around video technology it argues these encounters with contemporary events in Mexican history are contributing to an ongoing process of transformation in Mexican consciousness.

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