Flanagan, Clare

About the author: Dr. Clare Flanagan studied at the universities of Glasgow and Cambridge and is lecturer in German at the University of Bristol.

Study of German Political-Cultural Periodicals From the Years of Allied Occupation 1945-1949
2000 0-7734-7781-0
Focusing on five journals, Aufbau, Ost und West, Der Monat, Der Ruf, and Frankfurter Hefte, it reveals the scope and nature of opinion in Germany during occupation rule and before formal division. These journals provide a representative sample of opinion on a range of subjects. Prominent among these issues are Europe, cultural and political representation, collective guilt and denazification. Some areas of enquiry, notably Third Way politics and the exploration of guilt and national history, were subsequently undervalued in the dominant historical narratives of the Cold War. With their wide range of contributors and concerns, these journals chart this intense debate, highlight the course of cultural politics in East and West, and shed light on the extent of Cold War intrusion on the post-war recovery of German thought and discourse.

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