Trevett, Christine

About the author: Christine Trevett, BA, MA, PGCE, PhD, is a Reader at Cardiff University, Wales. She researches in Late Antique religion and 17th-century sectarianism. She has written three books on Quakerism. Mellen published her monograph A Study of Ig

Quaker Women Prophets in England and Wales 1650-1700
2000 0-7734-7518-4
This study covers the formative and troubled years of earliest Quakerism in England and Wales, with some reference to emigration to America. Women were active to a remarkable degree in the sects of this time. This study concentrates on their contribution, including chapters on women’s modes of prophecying, preaching and witnessing, and patterns of change in the religious group, especially as these impinged on the freedoms of women.

Study of Ignatius of Antioch in Syria and Asia
1992 0-7734-9495-2
This study examines the letters of this bishop-martyr as products of both Antiochene and Roman Asian influences. After an overview of scholarship on Ignatius, there is an examination of the Christian situations in Antioch and Asia. The writer concludes that relations were troubled between Ignatius and other Christians in Antioch and that the circumstances of his martyrdom included Ignatius having given himself up to the authorities. The emerging `catholic' tradition, which Ignatius represented, was among a variety of Christianities, whose identities are considered in chapter five. The Ignatian letters preserve interesting parallels with Matthean, Johannine and Pauline thought, as well as with the language and ideas of IV Maccabees and of later Gnosticism. Attention is also given to the possible influence on Ignatius and his opponents of the Didathe, the letter of Clement to the Corinthians and of the Apocalypse.