Cosgrove, Charles H.

History of the 134th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the American Civil War
1997 0-7734-8551-1
The NYSV was one of the few regiments to serve in both the eastern and western theatres of the war. It also had the misfortune to be, for a good deal of its tenure, attached to the ill-fated Eleventh Corps. Highlights of the regiment's service were its near-annihilation at Gettysburg; action around Chattanooga; the brutal march to and from Knoxville; its almost daily action during the Atlanta Campaign, followed by the March to the Sea; and the Campaign of the Carolinas. It contains excerpts from primary source documents, including diaries, memoirs, letters, local newspapers, Company order books, and medical records from the National Archives never before researched, capsule biographies of all 1100 who served, maps and statistical data, and photographs.

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